Despite many attempts to mimic the Hammond feel, sound and look over the years, none have quite hit the mark. Hammond have carved out a place in history and there is no sound or feel quite like an original Hammond. Over the years, Hammond have come up with a number of portable organs and now, for those dreaming of the latest portable dual-manual vintage Hammond, we have the Hammond SKX.  This Hammond SKX review will outline the key features of the dual-manual.

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The Hammond SKX hits the nail on the head in terms of portability and functionality. 

The Hammond SKX evolved from the SK line as a result of design suggestions from professionals and hobbyists and has become a hugely popular choice for Hammond enthusiasts. 


This Dual-manual Digital Organ combines an authentic Hammond Organ (packed with features) with a whole array of keyboard voices making it a hugely versatile instrument. Despite the fact that it is feature rich, the instrument is lightweight at just 47.2 pounds.  

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  • Dual-manual – two sets of 61 keys
  • 100 Preset and 100 user patches
  • Various sounds: Organs, Pianos, Electric Pianos, Clavs & Mor
  • User-Voiceable Tonewheels, Leslie Effect
  • VX, Farf, and Pipe Organs
  • Accordion, Orchestral Sounds, Brass
  • Sound production: Organ Section 2-VASE III
  • 3 Sets of Drawbars for Manuals & Pedal
  • The The SKX has two full sets of nine drawbars on its panel to control the upper and lower manuals. It also has a set of drawbars for the pedal section. 


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