I am a full-time piano and music teacher. I spent my childhood school holidays working in my uncle’s music shop where he specializes in pianos. Although we moved across the country, my own daughter now works there on her school holidays and how things have changed – we have now reached the digital age. It took me a few years to adapt to digital pianos but they have come a long way.

I have also come a long way and I just love to hear about the latest models and what new features they offer that come closer to mimicking the sound of a real traditional piano. I visit often to see how the instruments feel, how the electronic keys feel like hammer action, constantly in perfect pitch without the need for tuning. I am a night owl and I love how I can turn on the switch as late as I want, plug in my headphones and play away – without disturbing my neighbors or even my daughter in the next room!

I created this site because I am constantly reviewing the digital piano market and I am constantly in awe at how fast it has developed. You can buy a relatively cheap digital piano now with high-quality features. A few short years ago, the prices for good weighted digital models were much higher. The market has really taken off and expanded. This is great as it gives the customer more choice- but it can be confusing also. Hopefully, you’ll find this site and my reviews helpful.

I also like to write about ‘other’ piano related topics and I hope you find them of interest.

If I can help you in any way personally, just send me an email which you’ll get to from my contact link.

I wish you all the best on your piano journey.

Megil x

About me

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